The Role of Music

Volcano Princess music composed by Sergio Moure.

Film is an audiovisual medium and much of a story can be told through sound. I am a great lover of music and wanted to create original music that expressed the drama and lyricism of the Mayon Volcano. This music had a key role in the project, especially since the voice-over was so minimal. I wanted to use musical counterpoints throughout the narration.

In researching the local music I soon realized that much of what is considered local music derives from Spanish guitar ballads, and that close to nothing of the ancient local music has been preserved. So I opted to develop a sound that incorporates regional voices within European-style music. I was fortunate to work again with film music composer Sergio Moure. The working relation between a director/producer and a film composer is usually a challenging one, but our collaboration was a joy and a success.

I provided seed music ideas as starting points for sequences that were roughly edited, and the composer translated that into musical themes based on MIDI samples. I would then offer suggestions regarding tone, tempo and instrumentation, and this conversation continued until we had to record the soundtrack in time to meet our production schedule. Starting the music early in the process allowed us to end up with something that was a few notches above ordinary background music. Much of our communication took place by email and video teleconferencing, including my virtual presence in the sound booth during the recording of the final music.

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